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David Baiz came into estate liquidations through a round-about way, having previously served as a senior executive in the entertainment industry, personally representing many major A-List performers in music, motion pictures and television.  Through all, David harbored a passion for antiques and collectibles.

As a hobbyist collector, David dabbled in storage unit buyouts beginning in the mid-1980's, along with attending regional estate and auction house events. His self-taught knowledge in 19th and early 20th century artifacts led him to amass a collection of French art glass, early American mechanicals, paintings by listed artists and a great array of ephemera, including historic letters and documents dating from the American Revolution through the early 1920's.

Due in part to the dramatic changes in the entertainment industry over the last decade, David eventually decided to make a career change.  After 15 years on the on the Red Carpet, David opted to springboard his passion into a full-time career.

As a partner in -A- Appraisers, Estate Liquidations & Sales, David has contributed significantly to the company's goal of providing complete estate liquidation services with his general knowledge of collectible valuation and authenticating.  David is USPAP certified and has attended the College of Appraisers.

Rounding out his credits, David is a U.S. Navy veteran and former linguist/analyst at the National Security Agency.  David previously worked as a docent/tour guide volunteer at Smithsonian's American History Museum while stationed in Washington, DC. He also participated as a Civil War living history re-enactor in Maryland where he also garnered general knowledge of mid-19th century antiques and militaria.

He is a contributing writer for Letters of Freedom: The American Revolution, and Letters of Freedom: The Civil War, both published by Innovative Kids Publishing. He currently serves on the board of the Appraisers National Association (ANA).

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