NOTE:  This page is provided for the purpose of providing reference for specialty items that APPRAISERS, ESTATE LIQUIDATION & SALES has sold on behalf of its clients.  The prices shown below in no way indicates actual market value, nor do they serve as an example of what you should expect similar items to sell in future sales.   

Values - which are constantly variable - are dictated by a number of factors, including market trends, condition, rarity, and (with particular regard to organized estate sales) buyer interest.  Our purpose as professional appraisers and estate liquidators, is to research and determine those factors. 
Original World War I Era (1917) DWS Luger P-08 / Matching Numbers

Recently Sold Items
Lot of 500 1950's - 70's Travel Slides

Group of 5 Shure Phonograph Needles/Stylus
Vintage 1960's Copper & Enamal Tree Wall Hanging

1955 Disneyland Newspaper, #2

1946 Wurlitzer 1100 Jukebox
Mexican War Coin Silver Presentation Pitcher

c. 1920 Softcover Motion Picture Directory

1950's Eleanor Cameron Children's Book, Signed Copy

c. 1940's Donald Duck Cartoon Production Cel

c. 1960's H Bar C Western Shirt

c. 1940's Walt Disney's
Articulated Ferdinand the Bull
Play Doll

1930 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan
Unrestored/Operable Condition

Antique Circa 1880's Elkington & Co. Victorian Revolving Breakfast Server
Various WWII Chinese Currancy Notes
$65 ea.
8 Vintage Vietnam War Era Fatigue Jackets
$150-$225 ea.