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ORIGINAL WWII 35mm Negatives of Nazi-German Occupied France 1942-43

We recently completed an estate sale where the owner was a former paratrooper with the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (the "H-Minus regiment" because of their jumping into France prior to the D-Day invasion).  They were a highly decorated unit participating in D-Day, Battle of the Bulge and Market Garden engagements.

Within his personal effects was a can of approximately sixty (60) 35mm negatives with a handwritten note inside stating "confiscated German war pictures".  I have checked out nearly all the photos and they appear to have been taken by an Axis photographer (probably a German soldier) during World War II. All the images are of Paris in German occupied France circa 1942-1943.  They were found as loose images in one, two and three strip negatives.  I have NOT cut the negatives myself and are being sold in just as found.

Price:  USD $400

50 Safari Photos of the Historic
1947 DXpedition into British Africa

ORIGINAL 1947 photos from the very well-known Gatti-Hallicrafters safari DXpedition into British East-Africa. These photos were pulled from a tattered photo album bearing the initials J.D.P.  It was deduced that these were the personal photos of Jim Powers, the International News Service (INS) photographer who accompanied and documented the expedition. 

These photos - all measuring up to approximately  3.85" x 5" - are all from the Gatti-Hallicrafters DX-pedition and are in good to very good condition.  The photos are hand-numbered on the obverse, as well as on the reverse in pencil.  Some have notations written on the back. 

According to a 1993 article that appeared in QST Magazine:

This 1947 DXpedition had all the fanfare, hype and mystery of a Hollywood safari movie. Modern underwriting of ham DXpeditions can be traced to a 1947-48 trek to Africa that was largely sponsored by The Hallicrafters Company.

The expedition was the brainchild of Attilio Gatti, a 50-year-old Italian adventurer who had led 10 pseudo-scientific safaris through Africa in the 1920s and '30s. In 1938-39, Gatti visited the Belgian Congo where, licensed as OQ5ZZ, he was introduced to Hallicrafters gear. After sitting out World War II in New England, Gatti yearned to return to Africa. He approached Hallicrafters chief Bill Halligan with a proposal for an electronic exploration expedition.
In addition to putting ham radio in the international limelight, Gatti's plans called for measurements of atmospheric noise in equatorial regions and experiments in the 6-meter ham band to test the potential range of television signals that soon would be flooding the VHF airwaves.  Gatti's pitch came at an awkward moment for Hallicrafters. The company, which did $36 million worth of business during its peak year of wartime production, had just seen sales plummet to $8 million in 1946. Halligan jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the publicity the safari would generate, and a ham radio trade magazine of the day interpreted Hallicrafters' partnering with Gatti as "an effort to make Hallicrafters a household name… (and) expand its market beyond the technically minded enthusiast."

Beginning in March 1947, the publicity wheels rolled into gear with full-page ads popping up in ham operating trade publications.  There were national essay contests with the winners offered a place the expedition.  Assuring that this event would make national headlines, Gatti convinced the International News Service to send a photographer join the expedition. 

In addition to Hallicrafters ham radios, Gatti also was promoting the support equipment. He convinced International Harvester to provide a fleet of eight trucks. He commissioned the Schult Trailer Company of Elkhart, Indiana, to build four special 23-foot-long trailers, one of which was designated the "Shack on Wheels" and was turned over to Hallicrafters for installation of radio gear. Gatti also talked Aero-Craft out of three aluminium boats, convinced Evinrude to contribute outboard motors, and got Onan to weigh in with portable electric generators.

The subsequent expedition cost somewhere between $150,000 to $200,000 and lasted some 9 months.  In the end, the DXpedition was heralded as a resounding success.  Today, the Gatti-Hallicrafters safari lives on in memory as the first and most spectacular DXpedition ever sponsored by a ham radio manufacturer.

PRICE:  USD $250

Vintage World War II Japanese
"Rising Sun" Banner

This is an authentic Japanese World War II era banner.  This banner is hand painted on linen and dates from the late 1930's.  This banner, and others like it, were posted in front of factories, stores and along city thoroughfares to salute individual soldiers going off to war.  This particular banner was created by a horse riding club to honor one of its members.  The banner is large, approximately 15 feet high x 3 feet across.   No staining, rips, tears or holes.  In excellent, museum quality condition.  A rare find.

Price:  $325

Ward Kimball (1914-2002) was an animator for Walt Disney Studios during its Golden Era.  He was one of Walt Disney's team of animators known as "Disney's Nine Old Men."  Walt called Ward an animating genius due to his work on comical characters rather than realistic human designs.  Ward's efforts stood out among the many talented animators at Disney.   He created such classic characters as the Crows in "Dumbo", Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" Mice and Lucifer the Cat from "Cinderella", and of course, the perennial favorite, Jiminy Cricket.  Ward received an Academy Award for the animated short, "It's Tough to Be a Bird."

For the more offbeat collectors, Ward is also credited as the key figure in the dissemination of the urban legend that Walt Disney had instruced that his body be preserved by cryonics after his death.  Now, doesn't that make this a GREAT autograph??????

Price:  $650

Original Disney "Pinocchio" (1940) Jiminy Cricket Drawing
Signed Ward Kimball

This item is a wonderful original vintage production red pencil drawing of Jiminy Cricket from the 1940 Disney feature film, Pinocchio.  This is a great drawing and signed in black marker by the creator of the iconic Disney character, Ward Kimball.  This framed artwork measures approximately 9" x 12".   Total measurement in frame is 15" x 18".  In excellent condition!

Original 1967 Moscoso Neon Rose #4 Concert Poster,

Rare vintage 1st printing Victor Moscoso concert poster created for BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY's concert at The Matrix in 1967.  Poster is titled Neon Rose #4.

* Format: 14x20 (36x51 cm)

* Condition: Near Mint (see photo).

Price:  $400

Original 1967 Moscoso Neon Rose #11 Concert Poster,

Rare vintage 1st printing Victor Moscoso concert poster created for RITES OF SPRING rock performance at the Matrix in San Francisco, CA on March 28-April 6, 1967.  Bands included THE CLOUD and THE PLASTIC EXPLOSION.  Poster is titled Neon Rose #11.

* Format: 14x20 (36x51 cm)

* Condition: Near Mint

Price:  $400