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This is an absolutely fantastic and very rare late 1800's to early 1900's Art Nouveau-era hall coat rack/umbrella stand.  This antique hall stand is in very good to excellent condition and is uniquely stylized and beautifully executed.  Wrought iron hooks. 

Measures approximately 78" high x 32.5" wide x 12" deep. 

Price: USD $795

Historic: Original WWII Commissioning Pennant, Pacific Theater - USS Cahaba

This is the original commissioning pennant for the USS Cahaba (A-082), which served in the Pacific Theater of operations.  The Cahaba served in the US Navy from January 1944 to May 1946.  The ship was an Escambia-class replenishment oiler.   Because of the highly combustible cargo, sailors generally agree that serving aboard a fuel tender in combat operations is probably the most dangerous of assignments.  

The Cahaba originally served at Palaus, Truk, Hollandia and Kwajalein between April and June, 1944. She was later part of the Marianas operation and was based at Eniwetok beginning in June.  She fueled the 5th Fleet for their strikes on Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.  In late 1944, she served as a station oiler at Ulithi supporting the 3rd Fleet units, as well as supporting the Lingayen Gulf Covering Force.  In early 1945, the ship contributed to the successful assault on Iwo Jima by fueling Task Force 58, then led by Admiral William Halsey.

Following Japan's surrender, the USS Cahaba was assigned occupation duty at Okinawa.  The ship received eight battle stars during the war.

As a interesting side note, the Cahaba was a minor celebrity at the time, thanks to fiction writer Edgar Rice Burroughs ("Tarzan").  As a war correspondent, Burroughs sailed out of Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Cahaba in May, 1945 and wrote extensively of fleet procedures, being shot at by a sniper at Ulithi Atoll, and a kamikaze attack on Kerama Retto atoll, (these latter events were included in William Brinkley's satiric 1956 novel, "Don't Go Near The Water", which was later adapted into a film by MGM). 

Articles chronicling his experiences would appear in the Honolulu Advertiser under the heading, "Laughs at Sea Found by Author Traveling with a Naval 'Oiler'"

((The pictures of the ship and the article are for reference only)). 

Condition:  Very good, considering age.  Some moth/age pinholes evident in areas, but overall very presentable.  Measures approximately 70" in length. 

Price:  USD $295
Original 1883 Tombstone, Arizona Territory Check - Framed

An original 1883 check from the Hudson & Company bank, Tombstone, Arizona Territory.  The check is made out to the mercantile supplier of Tombstone.  Check is in very good condition and matted and framed with a photo copy of the Old West town of Tombstone during its Wyatt and Virgil Earp heyday. 

Frame measures approximately 12.5"x15.5"

Price:  USD $50